The World's 1st Massive Multi-Player Crowd Game

Transform any location, indoors or outdoors, into a live arcade using your own personal smartphone!

CrowdeeZ is a multi-player game, played over a large screen in a public place.
Any passer-by can easily join and play the game, using their own personal smartphone, by tilting and tapping the phone like a car-wheel or a control pod of a console game.

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Social "Collect & Trade" Game for Campaigns and Events

Your fans collect 3D items of your brand from the real world into their phones. Just by pointing the camera to them, the items will jump straight into their device.

Items can be collected from everywhere: product packages, billboard ads, TV commercials and more.

And you can also trade them with nearby devices or your Facebook friends, to win prizes and engage in a social buzz.

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2nd Screen + Augmented Reality

QuiZcreen is the first 2nd-Screen game in the world to use Augmented Reality.
Watch frames literally jump out of the TV and fly into the mobile device!

Viewers now have one more reason to watch your TV show or commercial - this social game can only be played in front of your TV content.

By physically engaging with the TV, capturing frames, and answering a simple quiz - viewers can win prizes, collect coupons, and compete each other through social media.

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