The first 2nd-Screen game to include Augmented Reality

Frames literally jump out of the TV and fly into your mobile device!


  • Enhance user engagement with TV content
  • Promote sales with innovative virtual coupons
  • Drive traction to your interactive & social channels


  • Branded app to accompany TV shows, commercials & promos
  • Frames jump out of the TV screen into your mobile device
  • Social quiz game with prizes and achievements
  • Works on any standard TV
  • Works both on live & delayed broadcast

What is QuiZcreen?

Have you ever seen your favorite TV show or commercial literally jump out of the TV and fly into your mobile device? That’s exactly what happens in QuiZcreen!

Using mind blowing animation along with Augmented Reality technology, your fans can now engage with any broadcast material on their TV in a whole new way.

This is how the app works:

First you download the app from one of the standard app stores, and launch it.

You point your phone’s camera to your TV screen, to capture and collect a specific frame from the show. It's simple and intuitive: as soon as the frame arrives, it will "jump" by itself out of the TV and fly into your phone in a sleek 3D animation.

Once you've collected the frame, you can participate in a social prize-winning quiz game, by answering a question about the specific frame you've just collected. For example, when we installed QuiZcreen for Yes Satellite Israel, the viewers were asked to guess what's going to happen next on the show.

By playing the game multiple times and collecting more and more frames, you can win scores, titles and coupons. You can brag about your achievements through social media, and compare your answers with friends.

QuiZcreen is the first app in the world to offer this unique experience of physically collecting coupons, questions and prizes straight from the TV.


Game Features

  • Collect dozens of different frames from TV shows
  • 3D animations of frames jumping out of the TV
  • Answer a quiz question which relates to the collected frame
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Get notified when an answer is available
  • Win scores/prizes/coupons for correct answers
  • Compare your answers with your Facebook friends

Admin & Brand Features

  • Customizable for any type of content (TV series, film, commercials, etc.)
  • Collect usage statistics and user details
  • Admin interface for editing the quiz
  • Optionally - add branded info pages to the app

Technology & Hardware

  • Compatible with all common mobile platforms and devices
  • Based on image processing only: no need for smart TV or sync with a central server
  • Easily operated by just about anyone
  • Works on every broadcast channel - live, TiVo, V.O.D, online broadcast etc.