Spice Up Your Event or Campaign with a 'Collect & Trade' Game

Your fans collect 3D items from the real world into their phones, then share & trade them with friends


  • Make users engage with your ads
  • Attract visitors to your points of sale
  • Drive traction to your social & interactive media channels
  • Promote sales with innovative coupons


  • 3D animation of objects flying into your device
  • Easily trade with nearby people
  • Trade with Facebook friends

What is KollecteeZ?

There aren’t many games out there which are suitable for large campaigns. Even less involve the WOW effect of Augmented Reality, and the thrill of a competition. KollecteeZ is one of those games.

KollecteeZ is a completely brandable 'Collect-and-Trade' app: players are required to collect a series of items from the real world into their phone - it could be badges, cards, dolls, etc., all especially designed for your brand or message.

Collecting is simple - just point the camera to an item, tap the screen, and watch the item jump into the phone in a sleek 3D animation! and you can collect from any visual material - billboards, packages, magazines, TV commercials, etc. The collected items can also function as virtual coupons.


KollecteeZ is Extremely Social

KollecteeZ is not just about collecting individual items: the is to complete a series, by collecting items and trading them with friends - it's actually a digital version "collect & trade" games which classically use cards or stamps. And that's where the social and viral aspect comes into play.

After collecting items, you can trade them with nearby people, or Facebook friends. If you reach the desired full series - you win a prize or a champion title.

As campaign manager, you can define the rules of the game: what should be collected? who wins? what are the prizes? etc. And of course, all these achievements are shared through social media, and create conversation about your brand.

And the best part about this technology is that it requires no special installations!
You can work with the visual assets that already exist on your product packages, billboard campaigns, TV commercials, or any other object or image that is related to your brand, on any platform.

Game Features

  • Collect dozens of different items
  • Cool 3D animations of items jumping from the real world into the mobile device
  • Easily trade items with nearby devices or Facebook friends
  • Use collected items as coupons
  • Use GPS to make specific items collectible only in specific locations

Admin Features

  • Easily update the collectible items
  • Define the rules of the game and the different possible achievements
  • Manage collected coupons and identify the collector

Technology & Hardware

  • Multi platform: works on iOS, Android & Windows mobile devices (phones & tablets)
  • No need for any additional hardware