The World's 1st Massive Multi-Player Crowd Game

Transform any location - indoors or outdoors - into a live arcade, using your own personal smartphone!


  • Attract visitors to your event / point-of-sale
  • Stand out as innovative
  • Connect your brand with fun & technology
  • Create a hype on social channels


  • 100s of players per hour, 1000s per day
  • Blasting visuals & audio experience
  • Anyone can play from their personal smartphone

What is CrowdeeZ?

CrowdeeZ is a multi-player game, played over a large screen in a public place, indoors or outdoors. Any passer-by can easily join and play the game, using their own personal smartphone: all you have to do is download an app to your device, wait for your turn, and join the game! Your avatar will appear on the large screen, and you can control it just by tilting and tapping your phone, like a car-wheel or a control pod of a console game.

While playing, your name, scores, and achievements will appear on the players board. Level winners and game leaders will be publicly announced. And to make the experience complete - your device will also vibrate and make sounds as you play.

And it's not just one game! CrowdeeZ is actually a platform which offers various tournament games, based on popular game genres such as Shooter, Puzzle and Trivia.

CrowdeeZ may be simple and intuitive, but it’s also rich in content: multiple levels, bonuses, achievements and plots. And this huge show of fun and innovation is not limited to the players only: passing-by spectators will also enjoy an outstanding display of your brand.

Promote Your Brand

CrowdeeZ can be optionally branded to use creatures, bonuses, worlds, and other game elements which relate to your brand and message. For example, when we installed it for Wrigley’s chewing gum brand “Orbit”, we had Orbit-branded tanks shoot chewing gums over food creatures.

If you wish to hand out prizes to the winners - you can easily locate and identify them through their devices. Players are encouraged to publish their achievements through social media, and stir up conversation about the event. And you can also display your ads or commercials in the game itself.

Game Features

  • 10 simultaneous players
  • Unlimited number of players waiting in queue
  • One step installation through standard app stores
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Rich game experience (creatures, levels, bonuses, etc.)
  • Tilt and tap the phone to control the game
  • Leaderboard, showing who’s playing, who plays next, best players
  • Vibrate and game sounds in the phone

Branding Features

  • Customization & branding of game elements, sounds, narrative & UI/UX
  • Embed image/video ads in the game

Admin Features

  • Virtual registration and queue: no need for physical mass management
  • Simple & intuitive admin interface - for system control and prize management
  • Collect user data (email, phone, age, etc.)

Technology & Hardware

  • Multi platform: works on iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows mobile devices (phones & tablets)
  • Fast response time: no lags / delays
  • Supports various screens and resolutions
  • Suitable for LED screens (recommended) or projection, both indoors or outdoors
  • Modest hardware requirements: 1-2 PC machines, local WiFi, standard mobile network access for app download (3G/4G)
  • Installation & support included