Wrigley Redisplays “Orbit Shoot-2-Clean” in “Taste of Tel Aviv 2012”

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Wrigley Redisplays “Orbit Shoot-2-Clean”: A Masssive Multi-Player Street-Game for Mobile Phones on the “Taste of Tel Aviv” Festival

After its huge success in Eilat festival on 2011, Wrigley relaunched “Orbit Shoot-2-Clean” – a massive multi-player street game for mobile phones – in the “Taste of Tel Aviv” festival 2012. The game is based on our CrowdeeZ platform, fully branded and redesigned for the Orbit campaign.

Orbit Shoot-2-Clean still holds the record for the largest most humongously awesome multi-player street game ever existed on the face of earth. Just for perspective, the farthest point from which a player could control the screen was roughly 1 kilometer away! So enough with the spoilers and let’s get to the point.

Shoot-2-Clean was the first of its kind in the following categories:

  • The first massive multiplayer game to be controlled by mobile devices
  • The first massive multiplayer game to be projected on an 8×5 meters titan LED screen
  • The first massive multiplayer game where no physical queue was needed, just plug-and-play
  • and when you think about it – it was simply the first massive multiplayer outdoor game!

I’m so thrilled to write this post, because this was the first full blown installation of CrowdeeZ. Everything was maxed out to enormous proportions, and that’s exactly what we had in mind when we designed the game: massive, instant, and mind-blowing, much like those Van Halen stadium concerts in the 80’s. Only this time, instead of holding a bottle of beer, the crowd was all engaged with their mobile phones and tablets.

One important point I want to make before we dive deeper into details: what made this campaign so uniquely intuitive and combustible, is how fast the visitor => player metamorphosis occurred. By measuring the average time it took for a visitor to download and install the app, and assuming that one of the 10 game ports were available, an average visitor was all set up and playing within 1 minute tops from the moment they decided to join the game.

The game itself is quite simple: it’s a shooter game, much like the classic “Space Invaders”. Only that the “space” was replaced by 3 colorful earthly worlds, and the “invaders” were the food creatures of the Orbit campaign. The player’s avatar was a cute Orbit tank, shooting chewing gums on the evil food creatures to clean the screen.

With 20 different levels, huge boss creatures转 bonuses designed as gum-packages, and beautiful level choreography – 10 players competed simultaneously over the desired title “Top Cleaner”. The crowd went crazy – 6 years olds playing against their 40 years old moms and dads, trying to rule the leader board. And thousands of spectators standing in the arena, watching the show. During the 4 days of the festival we recorded over 5,000 unique players, on iOS and Android phones and tablets, plus over 100,000 people watching.

Shoot-2-Clean used a super-strong local WiFi network, which enabled the game to work smoothly, with no lags or delays, like the most high-end console games at home. And don’t forget the best part: everybody got tons of Orbit chewing gums for free 馃檪

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