MOBI Award Goes to KwazyLABS and “Living in L.A L.A Land”

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KwazyLABS and Yes DBS Satellite Win the MOBI Award for First App in the World to Combine 2nd-Screen and Augmented Reality

Tel AviV, January 20

KwazyLABS, an Israeli agency for innovative crowd games, and Yes DBS Satellite, Israel’s leading satellite television provider, have been awarded the MOBI Award for entertainment and gaming content by “The People” – a veteran media and events producer for the Israeli ICT and high-tech, and the publisher of the popular Israeli computing magazine The People (formerly known as People & Computers).

The award was given for Living in L.A L.A Land – The Game – a 2nd-Screen app which accompanied the second season of “Living in L.A L.A Land”, one of Israel’s most popular reality TV shows, broadcast in the Yes Comedy channel.

The winning app is the first 2nd-Screen app in the world to use Augmented Reality: it enables tv viewers to capture frames of the show straight from the tv using their phone’s camera, watch these frames fly out of the tv into their device, and participate in a prize-winning quiz game about the show. This promotional 2nd-Screen activity was the first of its kind in the world.

The MOBI award was handed out in the annual Mobility 2012 conference, held in Airport City, Tel Aviv. The conference hosted hundreds of leading professionals from the Israeli high-tech and mobile communications industry.

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