2nd Screen + Augmented Reality = La La Land!

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QuiZcreen – the first 2nd-Screen game in the world to use Augmented Reality – launched for “Living in L.A L.A Land”, the leading reality show for Yes Satellite, Israel

The phrase “Living in La La Land” usually means “living in a fantasy world”, or something of the sort. This is exactly what we felt when we convinced the board of the Yes Comedy HD channel to adopt QuiZcreen, our brand new 2nd-Screen game, as the main mobile app for their flagship reality show Living in L.A L.A Land, just a few months before our official launch of the product.

Living in L.A L.A Land is one of the most popular reality shows in Israel. It tells the story of 6 young Israeli musicians, spending a few weeks in L.A, living together in a villa and competing each other for a contract in a big records production company. QuiZcreen (which in this case was introduced to the public as Living in L.A L.A Land – The Game) accompanied the 2nd season of the show.

What makes this game so unique is that unlike other 2nd-Screen apps – it uses Augmented Reality technology to interact with the TV: viewers point their phone’s camera to the TV screen, and watch frames of the show literally jump out of the TV and fly into their phone or tablet, in a super-cool 3D animation!

But that鈥檚 only the gimmick. Amazing as it may be – the whole game experience is much richer:

It starts by capturing one specific frame from every episode of the show. That frame is marked by a special sign at the corner of the TV screen – all you have to do is launch the app, point the camera to the TV at the correct moment, and – voila! The frame jumps into your phone, and you win a L.A L.A badge!

Immediately after that, the app pops a question about the frame that you鈥檝e just captured: you must quickly guess what’s going to happen next on this episode. A few moments later, when the show keeps rolling and the correct answer is revealed – a notification will pop up in the phone, telling you whether you were right or wrong. Correct answers will win you more L.A L.A badges, and of course – you can brag about your achievements on Facebook, compare your answers with friends, and check out what all the other viewers guessed.

Along with Yes Comedy HD we wrote a 52 questions quiz, one question per episode. Throughout the season, the conversation on the show’s Facebook page got wild: who leads the competition? who got it right? who got it wrong? who will be the top L.A L.A forecaster, and win the title “champion of the season”?

As you may already know, roughly 85% of TV viewers regularly use their mobile devices while watching TV. 2nd-Screen apps help TV providers to keep their viewers actively engaged with their content. And as for our own case – we claim our bragging rights – right here, right now 馃檪 :

QuiZcreen was downloaded and played by over 150,000 viewers (a huge success in Israeli measures). The traffic on the show’s Facebook page increased by roughly 250% in comparison to the 1st season. Yes Sattelite DBS was experienced, and described in the media, as extremely innovative and cool. The game won the first prize for innovation in the Israeli MOBI Awards contest, and is now nominated as a finalist for the prestigious PromaxBDA International award.

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