CrowdeeZ Displayed in Cellcom Mobile Show 2013

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CrowdeeZ – a stylish multi-player crowd game for smartphones by KwazyLABS – displayed in Cellcom Mobile Show

CrowdeeZ was presented to over 100,000 visitors of the show, with more than 35,000 games played over a huge screen

On May this year we had the honor of presenting our CrowdeeZ game to over 100,000 visitors of the Cellcom Mobile Show exhibition in Israel.

The show is an annual mobile and gadgets exhibition, sponsored by Israel’s leading mobile service provider – Cellcom. The exhibition presents new technologies and innovative products, handpicked by Cellcom to reflect their vision on gaming, shopping, 2nd-Screen and next gen photography during 2013-2014.

CrowdeeZ was chosen as a main event in the exhibition, to represent the gaming section. And so, on a huge 16x10ft LED screen, we launched the game on the exhibition’s opening night and waited impatiently for the first visitors to arrive.

There’s one thing you’ve got to understand about these opening nights – the visitors of such events are carefully selected and RSVP-ed. Serious suit-wrapped-up-tight gentlemen and elegantly-dressed-up ladies who run on a tight schedule of mingling, bizdev and notetaking. Even on your wildest dreams you wouldn’t expect such a bunch to stand in a line, with their mobile devices at hand, wearing a drooling happy face and staring at our humble CrowdeeZ screen, jumping around while shooting psycho giant 3D creatures, and screaming like kids when failing to escape the wrath of an enemy bullet. Well, guess again! That’s exactly what happened.

Throughout the week, our servers were full and busy 24/7, literally: mostly adults in the mornings, families and kids in the afternoon, teenagers in the evenings. We still don’t know who played during the night’s closing hours; it could have been the spirits of the mobile-gaming’s founding fathers, or maybe the night shift guards – but our records show that someone was playing.

All the other tens of thousands who didn’t choose to participate – watched the show from afar, clapping whenever a boss creature was beaten or a nuclear bomb exploded. CrowdeeZ was working around the clock for full 19 days; over 90% of the players came back for another round. Then they came for another. A small group of extremely persistent kids came back almost every day, trying to conquer the leaderboard (which they eventually did).

Here are a few stats that we managed to produce from this great gamified week:

Total games played: 36,252
Total players: 14,000 (estimated)
Total time spent: 2540 hours
Average games played by user: 2.6
Average time spent by user: 11 minutes

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