About Us

Let The People Play!

We love games. Big games. Games that make a buzz, make a fuss, make the crowd go crazy.
And we love technology. And phones. And gadgets. And big screens, and extravagant rock concerts.
We're a bit freakish that way.

So we founded KwazyLABS.

Who Are We?

KwazyLABS develops the KWAZYest crowd games that combine technology, art, and user experience.
Our mission in this world is to make your fans feel that tickle inside, saying: “WOW! I’ve never seen that before! I wanna play!”

Our line of products uses cutting edge technologies like Augmented Reality, huge screens, All-Joyn, mobile device sensors, and more - to create a unique experience which not only involves a WOW effect, but also provides rich content and high social impact.

Our products are especially built to fit your brand's needs. They are actually state-of-the-art platforms, highly reliable and robust. Each of our games can be easily and quickly customized to meet the requirements of your event, shop, point-of-sale, or campaign. This approach enables us to work fast, and in relatively low prices; and we’ve already had great success in doing that with large brands like Wrigley, Yes DBS Satellite, and Cellcom.

The 3 founders of KwazyLABS are veterans of the elite IDF unit 8200, who share strong backgrounds in software, technology, art and gaming - and we take great pride in that mutlidisciplinary nature of our team. Located in our cozy offices in Ramat Gan, Israel, our core team currently consists of 9 professionals in software, creative, technology, marketing/sales and production, each with over 15 years experience and outstanding records in their field. This team is surrounded by a militia of brilliant helpers, who come and go as we need.

Technology & Innovation

State of the art technologies like Augmented Reality, NFC, All-Joyn,
Real-time device sync, and more.

User Experience

Spark that tickle inside saying:
"Wow! I've never seen anything like it!
I wanna play!"

Rich Content

Game levels, branded game elements, achievements, social interaction:
Rich content helps us tell your story.

Art & Design

It's not only fun. It's also beautiful and super cool: a great game must look great, sound great, and feel great.

What's Our Magic?

The core magic of KwazyLABS is our lab, which constantly tests the newest technologies out there. We play with mobile devices, cameras, toys, exciting new software packages, and much more - in search for the best and most reliable technologies that can be used to build exciting innovative games for crowds.

We pick the best technologies and ideas, and upon them - we build highly customizable game products, which can be easily tailored to a large variety of uses - indoors and outdoors, in campaigns and events, for small crowds in a closed arena, or millions of users in front of their TV sets.

Our production & creative team customizes these products to fit them to the needs of your brand and message, with the highest level of quality and precision. And our installation & support team is always available to provide service, answer any question, and solve any problem.

Where Can Your Fans Play?

Fortunately - everywhere!

  • You can have a game-based campaign (like our KollecteeZ), where your fans engage with real-world items of your brand;
  • You can offer a stylish crowd game in one of your events or points-of-sale (like our CrowdeeZ) to make fans admire your brand’s innovation;
  • You can gamify the visit experience in your store or exhibition (like in our soon-to-come KollecteeZ-Xhibit), making your visitors search for specific places or elements in your show;
  • You can use 2nd-Screen to enhance TV viewing experience and make it interactive (like our QuiZcreen);
  • And the sky is the limit! games and game-experiences can be used practically everywhere.